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I´m selling some NOS/minty tyres.
Payment via PP as gift or you add fees. Shipping is on top. tracked via DHL 27€ (yep, since Jan 1 +11€ more...)

I do pack only on weekends. I do have boxes for the first 5-6 pairs, others need to wait a little longer - shops are closed here and it´s tricky to get boxes.

I´d also search some bits, if you have these, I´m happy to trade.
- black front WTB Classic Hubs, 36h
- Mavic Ceramic rims, 32h and 36holes. 117,217, 231
- black WTB King
- WTB Powerband stem a head 1/8 -> 120/130 --> 5-10°
- WTB Powerbeam 36h rims
- single IRD Switchback
- CBR RSR black and silver
- Suntour XC 26.8
- Single WTB RC black and WTB RC silver
- Hi-E front hub, best WTB version
- black XT 730 post 27.2

All left tyres (1x set Porcs, 2 Sets Specialized Team Master = 450€ + 27 shipping) as package for 415€ shipped shipped to UK


Panaracer SMOKE lite - NOS, only 2,3 times mounted - 80€ - reserved

ONZA PORC II VGC all soft, super profile - 150€

Continental Baja NOS, only dirt from storage - 75€ - sold

TIOGA MUD DAWG NOS - one area a bit darker, but all soft - 110€

Specialized Team Master & Team Control kevlar, min. VGC, all soft, only one or two areas on the rear profile were you can see a couple ridden - 135€ - 125€

Specialized TeamTeam Control NOS draht - I find the sidewalls a bit thicker, but they are new. I mounted them 2,3 times, no problem, so not hard - 165€ 150€

extra - not minty

RITCHEY Climbmax - were new, once mounted and cruised, but found a dry area at one, the other one is fine, see pics, 45€


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sorry, they are gone already.

Once A Hero":3lb5z28x said:
mcada":3lb5z28x said:

I´m selling some NOS/minty tyres.

All tyres as package for 630€ shipped to UK

Are the bottom two in this pic available?
Tioga Trail Dawg and Mud Dawg


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back again - TIOGA MUD DAWG NOS - one area a bit darker, but all soft - 110€

and some price reductions.