For Sale SOLD 1989 GT Team Avalanche Restored frame package. Almost everything apart from wheels, tyres & cables

Would love to have finished this bike. I had a set of XT hubs but never found the Araya RM-20 rims for the right money. Used the rear hub on my Bontrager 🤦‍♂️


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Nice pics & scans! 😍

I would have thought sourcing the RM20's would have been easier than many of the bits you have on that bike? However if you wanted NOS/unused then that's a different story and ends up being super costly! I suspect you'd have to buy a whole bike to get them, then you end up with the problem of what to do with the rest of the bike, which normally means keeping it and stashing all the other bits away! 😜

GLWS, pretty special GT that one! 😎
Can you send me a private message please @slimjoe ? For some reason I can’t find where to send a PM.

I think as I’m 5ft 10” but have a 33” inseam, this could work…