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My youngest (11, small for his age) convinced me he wanted a BMX last Xmas, so he has one. As he was so set on one, and his older brother outgrew his small framed bike (,opposite, tall for his age at 14), I sold his old frame in answer to a wanted ad.

Now I find myself in a position where my youngest wants to go out on rides that his BMX isn't suited for, so looking for a small 26er frame. I still have all the bits from the sold frame so don't need anything else.

I'm hoping not to spend a lot, as it could be a short lived fad, but equally not looking for anything bso style. Only real stipulations are disc frame, probably 1 1/8 steerer preferred as I have forks I can fit, though not a deal breaker. Ideally tidy condition.

What's out there folks

Cube LTD Race in small. Can measure it up later if of interest. Really excellent condition. £100 or thereabouts, frame only, delivered UK. Could definitely sell on very easily in this condition. IMG_0590.jpeg
Got this:
16" 1998 Fire Mountain. £60 frame & forks, Original Kona seatpost & stem and 113mm UN52 bottom bracket, original seatclamp.
Was my wife's bike from new, powdercoated cream about 10 years ago.


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