Show us your vape. Here's mine.

Augvape Merlin on a VF Stout. I got sick of topping off little tanks.

I assume you're aware of the bargains around at the moment because of the TPD?
My Teenage Self.

Are there any links to online bargains?
I know the new laws coming in.
Locally prices are staying the same.
No pics, but I use an eleaf ipower 80w with a steam crave rdta v2, with my own 3mm 6 wrap kanthal wire coils

Anyone else coil building?
Yup, The merlin is an RTA. simple builds for me, 28g kanthal, 8 wraps, 1.5ohm.

Too tasty :) Rocking custards and pies.

Personally, I use Gold Leaf and don't worry about it...... :LOL:

(The idea of custom building whatever these things you talk of are has it's appeal though, even more so if I could fit an engine and wheels.....??)

5 out of seven of my team at work smoked. One started vaping, and it spread. Fast. If you haven't tried it, consider it, that's all I'll say. I quit smoking in 3 days, and don't miss it one bit.

The build/tech side of it is huge, and addictive in it's own right - but ultimately, I'm not smoking ciggies any more. :)

In all fairness, that's brilliant, and being 'addicted' to the vape thing is far better than being addicted to the nicotine!

I come from a family that has members that have been on all sorts of anti depressants and sleeping pills, suffered from anxiety, etc, so I find the very occasional fag (roll up) is all I need and am grateful for that. Can't see that one or two of those a day on a bad day is going to kill me, but over the years there have been times when those around me being sat out in the sun with a pint and a fag has had me smoking more than I would have liked, so I know what it's like when you're in that sort of group.

Good on you! ;)

(are you sure you can't fit an engine though....?)
I opted for the standard affair ... arter-kit/

TBH I'm getting on ok with it. Though still smoke the rollies at home, I feel it is at least a start.

I spend ages picking stuff to get best for money- use etc :oops: and it took me a while to choose a maker. The vaporize company seems one of the better ones.

I's say if you smoke and want to quit, these are a better route than stopping completely or any number of potions or pills.

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