Show me your Raleigh's

My Raleigh Clubman - 1983. possibly the best condition in the UK. Original. (Apart from the shorty mudguards) bought from @Markone in this beautiful condition for £160
Identical to mine, which is too big for me! I want yours… ;-)


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Here's mine from the US of Stateside. It's not actually my original one that I bought in 1990 but I managed to find another of the exact same model. And this time it's an 18" not the 20" I bought aged 15 expecting to 'grow into'.

I'm confused about the Raleigh USA - UK relationship. Were they competing or did it all end up in the same shareholder dividend?
huffy, Schwin and specialized at one point, were all interconnected, basically, if its a Reynolds frame, its a Raleigh. its a Raleigh brand, Raleigh company and all went into the Raleigh pot, same as stutmey n Brooks, before it was all split up. the ironic thing is, ti India, that was set up by ti uk, kept all the rights to brands, machine processing etc. so the bikes coming out of ti India, like BSA, Phillips etc. are more Raleigh, than the ones coming out of Asia. Pashley is essentially Raleigh, rebranded. huffy licensed the Raleigh name to sell in the states. then eventually bought the brand. now all the Raleigh brands are back under the same umbrella.
Hi everyone, I'm a newbie here. Hope to find someone who can say something about my new purchase: I would be very happy to hear about a Raleigh (Nottingham) "Dirty Snake". I reckon it's around 1990 because it's a complete XT 735 and will be my "winter project". Does anyone know the model? The monostay is striking. Greetings to the UK from Berlin
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was sold under a few names, Raleigh Europe being the saloon version, was also a maverick branded version in bright red, with gold lettering, sold in asia.