For Sale Shimano m6000, Mavic xc717, hope adapters, bash ring


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SOLD Hope brake adapters £10
I think the front is 183mm for some bizarre reason because that is at least what the rotor said but I'm sure it's ok with 180mm? It's only like 1.5 extra mms right? Who knows. They're silver and £10 for the pair or 10/2=5 for one.
Shimano bash ring £10
Plastic and beefy, 4 bolt 104mm, 32-36t compatible, solid but does not fit my Raceface cranks
Mavic XC717 RIM ONLY 32 hole £15
Lovely and light, I think I got it NOS but not any more sorry. I removed one sticker because it was half peeled off when I got it, again sorry. This is for the rim only I would like to keep the hub I know the photo shows the whole wheel. The rim is straight and in great condition but way too narrow for me really which is why I am selling.
Deore M6000/M4100 almost-a-drivetrain £70 or swaps?
Possibly my favourite drivetrain I have ever used, it's very versatile and durable but it is not being used at the moment and too new for my bike anyway haha. Derailleur is good and straight and the clutch is quite strong but it is a bit scraped from usage, shifter is good same story with that too, nearly new M4100 cassette (like 2 rides) 11-42t. Or trade/trade+cash derailleur/etc for shorter cage 10sp like Zee or Saint?

Thanks for reading please check out the photos, I live in South London for collection or happy to post 👍


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Hi sorry forgot to write - The listed prices are meant to be for collection, I appreciate not everyone lives in London (lucky!) so I am happy to post but that will be extra depending on I guess how large the items are. Posted the adapters in an envelope today 👍
Mavic rim now sold. I'm off tomorrow so if anyone wants any of the unsold stuff, I am still up for selling it just it won't be sent out for a while.