For Sale Shimano hub dust caps

ok just measure the ones circled and they are" external diameter, ~1.6mm ID, ~4mm full thickness.
I think that makes them front hubs, but in the top right cornet they I think are the rear hub ones.

~3cm/1.9cm 5mm thick. Can get accurate measurements if really needed.
Shimano Dust caps,
£15* a set for a UK delivered pair, tenner* for a single one.
:) got to put a price and I don't know delivery cost.
Aka went in shed and took some photos of some of my stuff. Somebody might need something.

Once upon a time I knew what was what, so just ask and I'll work it out again.

Side notes:
*Price actually when you ask, I'll grab a delivery cost and charge you more for the posh orange ones than the plentiful basic ones etc.
**speedy delivery not guaranteed, this is a hobby for me not a job. just ask anyone. :LOL:
Hello Fluffy!
It would be really great if you still have one of the rear right dust caps for the freehub XT FH-M732 (Shimano part Nr.: 32EE 0300)

Thank you very much! :D
Will check.
it would be wonderful, if you'd still have one.
i am restoring my dad's bike he assembled in the late 80s with awesome Deore XT II parts.
Unfortunately while cleaning and regreasing the freehub i broke the dust cap as i tried to push it back in. i thought it could fit a bit deeper but that was a mistake and it shattered..
I even contacted a local 3D print shop but i really prefer to stay original...
I keep losing this post, so now it is in my bookmarks..

I'm not the speediest seller either 😂 just a hobby/obsession.

Rears and fronts.

Quite excellently the trays are labelled, unfortunately I've sorted it all out since I got them and the labels could be anything now. So have to work it all out.

XT grease holed are easy though, because they is orange.