Shimano AIRLINE groupset / nearly NOS


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yes, you opened your eyes corectly. Take a chance to get you a very lovely Christmas present... I'm selling one of my 3 shimano Airline...

I own a NIB one, a 2nd one that I use sometimes on one of my Dual Slalom bikes and the one I offer here. This one was built on my Cannondale Super V DH more as a trade show bike. I used it few time but never as an hard downhiller.

I unbuilt it 4 years ago and placed it back on the box. My Super V DH was rebuild with more "conventional" drivetrain (Sachs Quarz) to use it more often.

Price is 600€ shipping included over EUROPE!

Needs a price that you can see :D Very cool and very rare

"Price is 600€ shipping included over EUROPE!"
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schdeila":1ffd4ku7 said:
Are you still trying to sell a complete set of Shimano Airlines?