Shed Clearance Part 1.Various Components


Old School Grand Master
1. Avid Shorty 4 canti brakes £25 NOW £20
2. Shimano Exage 500 LX Cranks 175mm length FC-M500 £15
3. Shimano De-Ore XT Rear QR lever £8 NOW £6
4. Shimano De-Ore LX Chainset 22-32-42
170mm FC-M563 £20 NOW £18
5. Shimano Exage 500 LX Front Mech Down pull FD-M500 £10 NOW£9
6. Shimano De-Ore XT RD-M735 Rear Mech £20 *SOLD*
7. Shimano Exage LX 500Rear Mech RD-M500 Long Cage £15 NOW £13
8. Shimano STI Levers 7-speed ST-M050L/ST-M050R £20 NOW £18 **SOLD**
9. Shimano Canti brakes BR-M454 £12 NOW £11
10. Shimano De-Ore LX Down pull Front mech FD-M563 £13 NOW £12
11. Pair of Syncros Grips £10 NOW £9

Plus Postage costs
Pictures available via email (supply your email address for high resolution photos)


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Devout Dirtbag
Can I have the STI levers if they're still available? I'm too new to be able to PM yet so please drop me a message if so. Cheers.


Devout Dirtbag
Re: Re:

cipolinni":303h1wod said:
Have sent you a pm regarding the sti levers


Hi Malc. Sorry to message here again. Pal of mine who I'm enquiring on behalf of for the STI's says the email address in your PM bounced back when he emailed his details. Could you double check it? Cheers.