Selection of classic Carradice Pannier bags from the 70s


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Got quite a few Carradice Pannier bags for sale
These have been in storage for a long time so will need a spruce up.
They are used and have travelled the world in the 70s

These ones are fairly good order, would benefit from a clean - £35

These are in good condition for their age. - £40

These could do with a clean but fairly good condition considering age. Do have signs of use on some straps. - £30

These have had the most use, hole in one but may repair, great classic little bags need a clean - SOLD

These are pretty good, Carradice super C panniers. - SOLD

Located in Preston lancs, but postage is available.


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Hi. Are the £35 and £40 panniers still available? What's the difference between them in terms of condition?

How much would postage be?