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I bought these on a whim as I have a ti 29er with the same style segmented rear stays (on one ti). I had to have them as I'd been looking for some rigid ti 29er forks for quite a while and not really found anything, and with their styling, took the plunge. I'd also stashed away a to stem and seat post to add more ti to the build, which will all when fitted, leave me with a different build and a more versatile/different stable, as most are bouncy up front and rigid out back.

I didn't give any thought to what the forks were or who made them. I'm not too bothered what they are, just curious to find out. Would be nice to know they aren't rubbish, unsafe to ride of course.

Anyone able to identify them from the pics?


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No idea who made them but they look very nice!
I’m a huge fan of Ti forks and for moderate use have found them to transform the ride of a rigid bike. Doubt you’ll be disappointed.
What they are, **** knows.

There's some very hard to manage machining in there though (ti no like machining easy, the curve in the bridge is hardwork in ti) also some very nice welds. They aren't cheap shit that's for sure and I reckon they'll be just fine for riding on.
I concur, as someone who scours the barrel on Big Ali and Alibaba for cheap tat, I see a lot of Ti forks and these do not look like Chinese gutrot by any means
Thanks for the replies, all very encouraging that they look decent and well made. Hopefully I'll find out who made them, but until then, I feel better knowing they look like a well made fork.
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Thanks, j&l are very similar bar the disc mount and machining at the bottom of the steerer.

The only ones I've found that seem almost visually identical are custom made journey forks. Would be nice if they were, but doubt it......
Likely a "generic" fork. Just don't hammer on them too hard and do inspect the welds occasionally for cracks. Also check the bottom of the steerer at the bottom of the crown.

That being said they do look quite nice. Kicking myself for not getting one of the Ti Kona P2 knockoffs when they were being made.