Saffron 29er


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Thanks, was worried I was taking a risk changing the colour but really happy how it turned out.
Cassette is GX Eagle 10-50 and chainring is NX Eagle 34T. Frame was designed with clearance for up to a 36. NX ring weighs a ton, but it’s steel, so it’ll last forever and was only £15, compared to a Sram alloy one at nearer £70! Have tried non Sram rings on another Eagle equipped bike and performance just isn’t as good as the genuine profile.
Big fan of Axs. True wireless. I use e-13 cassettes 9-45 and 9-50 with 36 ring THM & Works. You have the new paddle shifter. I seem to be the odd one out as I have no problem with the old version.
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I get on just fine with the original shape paddle. Yes, it’s different to a normal shifter, but that’s the point. Have wondered about the new shaped one, but I’ve two AXS bikes, so that would mean £40 to change for the sake of it.
What I really want is the third button to be truly independent so it could be programmed for the Reverb.