Ronde van Vlaanderen 2013 – By Any Means Necessary


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I am on Pave' 27 tubs too... last year I did it on Corsa CX 23 and they were absolutely fine, so I feel a bit OTT, but the forecast is wet, so they might turn out useful after all

monty dog

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I'm downsizing from 30mm file-tread tubs due to rear having developed a bulge which meant the tyre catching on the caliper


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I have my white Vittorio prepared. I fitted another freewheel for climbing and an early Deore mech.


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Great weekend, it was good to catch up with Ed and Monty... Monty did a brilliant race in the Criterium.
The retro ride on sunday was blessed by good weather and a fresh breeze... feeding zone 4 definitively convinced me that manure and food can go together