Riv-nut tool?


Retro Guru
Hi, I need to replace a bottle cage nut in my Cannondale and just wondered if anyone can recommend a fairly decent riv-nut tool?
There’s loads on eBay but are any better than the rest? Don’t want to spend a fortune as I probably won’t use it a great deal, but don’t want it to break within 5 mins either..
Who’s got what?


Retro Guru
Probably too late advice but I use aluminum rivet nuts because they can eventually turn with repeated tightening. They can be easily drilled out and replaced. They turn when drilled but you can get them out. The piece inside stays side. I use the same size drill to remove them as to install them, that way a new rivet nut can be installed. To help prevent turning when tightened I put a small amount of JB Weld steel reinforced epoxy on the part of the nut that compresses. I use a homemade tool as in the above video. I’ve installed 4 bottle mounts this way.