Sold Ritchey/XTR M900 wheelset


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Build four years ago for my green Breezer Storm, hanged in the garage since i sold the frame, i won't do anything with this wheelset :oops: (and money's requested for a Ritchey project :cool: )
Vantage Pro Ritchey rims were new when built (as spokes and green nipples) on 28 holes XTR M900 hubs, original (and heavy) steel axles have been replaced by a pair of hard anodised alloy axles.
The wheelset never seen offroad, and hasn't made much more than 5km, mostly to set up the bike, and a few to the bakery. It'll be sold with a pair of Ritchey tires with the same mileage.
Questions welcome, pictures on request. Asking for 370€ ➡️ 350€ ➡️ 330€ (out of shipping costs, posted from France).

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Hi Are these still for Sale? Would you consider shipping to Canada?