Ringle 34.9 Holey Collars, NOS


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Ok folks, having a bit of a clear out.
I have a few NOS, we actually prototype 34.9 collars. Differences from the production model was a switch in the side the bolt inserted from, and I think the depth of the bolt counterbore. Genuine product.
I have:
2 x Blue
2 x Purple
1 x Silver
4 x black.

PLEASE appreciate anodising differs from batch to batch, era to era and from material grade to grade as well as batch to batch. I've had endless turmoil from folks in the past regarding matching shades. I'm taking no returns on these, they are as they are.

£49 each
Shipping is at cost, insured tracked and signed. Apologies, there are no cheaper options.
UK is £6.45
Europe is £8.20
Rest of world is £9.00

*edit* Oh, and some may remember, I ran a batch of repro 31.8 off a while ago; I'm afraid I have none left, and never had any 28.6 for sale.

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