Ringlé Devleopment parts: THE MOBY POST (picture heavy)


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Right, this wil be the first in a little missive of parts pics that I've been meaning to pop up for over a year. When I last went over to stay with Geoff Ringlé, I shipped back boxes of the early development parts for each of the product, to keep as little time capsules. Here you can see how the moby post came along.

As a lot of you will know (and wil se in a forthcoming post), the Trail stem, the first commercial product, was actually a pretty cool piece of modular design. With a few changable parts, the stem could fit a lot of bikes. That was the intention with the moby. Initialy, the post had a separate head (as pictured), and this was going to bond in to a lot of different shafts. Couple that with some judicious shimming, and 99% of bases could be covered.

However, as time progressed, and the goalposts moved, the plain gauge post turned to diameter like the original syncros pro-post needed to be bettered. It was Geoffs intention to do to the seatpost what the hyperlite had done to handlebars. With th help of chuck texira at easton, and somecareful variwall design, the moby post evolved in to the Easton EA70 masterliece we know. The separate billet clamp head lived on, grafted on to the head of the seatpost on Doug Bradbury design of the Answer manitou frame.

You can see here a couple of early posts. One with a very raw machined clamp assembly and hasp, and another with a more finely produced production finish, but still with a bonded head assembly.





You can see too here a raw turned part, yet to be machined in to the two separate halves of the clamp assembly. You can see what it looks like, partwat trough manufacture though.