Retrobike heaven on YouTube!


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Just wanted to come on here and recommend the greatest YouTube channel of all time: mine. ... subscriber

I've been doing bike/adventure vids for years, but since lockdown have been focusing on the workshop, specifically builds and restorations. And the numbers have shot up!

Finally it's time to invite the world's most discerning vintage bike obsessives into the family. Looking forward to hearing suggestions, ideas (and dare I say critiques) from the Retrobike Community.

Here's the most popular recent one: a work in progress and won't ever be a BOTM but it's getting people talking.



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I've been a subscriber for a month or so now, really enjoy the builds. They're good for a beginner like myself to follow along with, gives a good idea of what's involved, you make it look so easy though.


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Your YouTube channel is really very interesting, I have not yet seen a YouTube channel created for reviewing old retro bikes. I hope in the near future your channel will not stop producing videos because I really like to watch them. I really like to download videos from YouTube because this way I can watch them regardless of whether I have an internet connection or not. I don't know if it's good or bad, but I think it's really cool that there are such services as from which you can download videos in any format. I wonder how they were able to make such a service and how they download all the videos directly from YouTube? Thank you again for the link to the channel, it is very cool!
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The big questions are though:

Who is this wealthy collector in London you speak of ?
Remind us what you have to do to become a member of the inner cartel ?

Joe from London !


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Suntour brakes with Shimano gears on that Quinn would play havoc with my OCD. ;)
Great vids mate..keep it up