Retro Music Lovers (up to and including 31/12/1999)


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Saw Pentagle & also solo Bert Jansch & John Renbourn. Reminds me that Jake Thackery was another seen at same venue.



Devout Dirtbag
Many years ago I was very drunk , at 4am , on a tour bus , when she walked up . Without thinking , in my infinite stupidity I said ''Ere , you're that whinin' bird from the Sugarcubes .'' She looked murderously at me and said ''What?'' Fortunately for me someone far more important than me called her from the back and she stomped off . The Belgian lad I was with chuckled at me and said ''I fink you 'ave said enough already !''
Two years ago I had to do a gig for her at the O2 , just before xmas . I had taken my regular work bike to bits and so had to use a Kona that I had not ridden further than round the block , it wasn't set up . I had about 12 kg of crap in my rucksack , the weather was foul and I had to be there early early . By the time I got to the O2 I knew I'd blistered myself and would suffer . I couldn't leave for about 16 hrs and then had to ride home .
I ended up having a cyst half the size of my fist cut out of my perineum which is why I can no longer ride any thing longer than 21 1/2" .
Karma is a bitch and will always get you in the end .