Retro Marzocchi forks on Chain Reaction


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was spotted on Wiggle a few days back. Top price on Wiggle but discounted on CRC, which is a bit odd, but no more odd than them actually existing new for sale


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Not been on a while, but was doing a shop to see what's out there and yeah.... surprising items in stock there.
And very weird price differences(!!).

I will post pics if poss when my order arrives later this week!... ;)


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Seem to be just the Z4 flylight Air. But you never know what else they've found down the back of the sofa.


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So I received one of the green Z-4 forks, not super impressed so far. Looks very rough, big blobs of paint drips in a few places. Castings all say '00, so certainly old stock, or built from old parts.

Also pretty sure one side of the fork has zero oil in it...