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So Ian, how many trips through windscreens have you had? Sounds like a regular occurrence! More seriously, can anyone explain what MIPS is it does? I've been saved by a helmet a couple of times, last time was in the mid 90s, and I don't remember being checked for concussion, but did have my whole spine x-rayed because I went up over a car and head first onto the road.
Regarding idiots who go out into the mountains or anywhere else without being self sufficient, personally I'd let Darwinism take its course...


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MIPS stops shear forces on the brain stem. The problem with high speed impacts is that the head decelerates quickly and the brain is still moving within the skull and shears the brainstem, MIPS allows movement of the head inside the helmet, decreasing the rate of deceleration
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Crashed badly on a mountain in the late 80s when learning to MTB. Had to get myself home as in the middle of nowhere on my own and pre-mobile phone. Thankfully was wearing helmet at the time as plastic coating on one side was completely shredded by the slate rock I'd landed on. Always worn a bike helmet ever since. I tend to have three of varying ages on the go so there's time for them to dry out etc

Never pay more than about £25 for one so I'll have to wait a while until MIPS makes it to that price range.

One of the best protections is simply not to ride at your limit. After 30 years of MTB, I pretty much know what I'm capable of and will only push it under controlled circumstances ie with mates, not far from home etc.


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Keen for some nice, new, styleeeeee helmet suggestions/advice please.

Something that doesn't look too crazy, or too boring; does the job; has the little visor.

Isn't too expensive.

What do people ride/wear?


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I have one of these ... nice and saved my bacon

We also use Bell Super 2 and Super R3 and Super DH - really excellent helmets. But were heavily discounted pre-COVID and now are mostly full price. Those are all MIPS & the DH is Spherical MIPS, the top system.

This is non-MIPS and nice, and cheap:

This is really excellent - but may go for quite a lot....



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My main helmet is a Bell four forty, I got it last year when it was on offer at chainreaction I think?

I've always worn a helmet since BMX racing back in the early 80's, it was compulsory as it was in downhill in the 90's, I personally think it should be for all cyclists, it's mainly because the bad accidents that I've had, were never my fault, drivers, dog walkers people generally not paying any attention, as a former motorbike rider I feel that i have my wits about me most of the time, constantly looking over my shoulder. But, as I'm laying in the road I imagine how the unobservant motorist would feel if I wasn't wearing a helmet and I was more seriously injured or worse?


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If I'm going for a light ride in the evening just down roads I won't bother.

Used to wear it all the time, probably need to start doing that again I think.

My friend had a bad one with a car not seeing her.
Lost teeth, jaw wired, badly hurt and she never used to wear a helmet but does 100% all the time now.
She did get some insurance money and needed dental implants.

It happened just up the road and these lads in a work van saw it and pulled over.
They bought her bike round, strange coincidence one of them I was mates with years ago at School.

We went up the road immediately and she was on a stretcher just being put into the Ambulance.

In Australia it's been manditory to wear a helmet for a very long time.

I have a Bell one from Halfords years back.