For Sale REDUCED – AVOCET MAGURA XTR 900 910 SPEED-TEC XT739 737 740 735 ROOX SACHS MINOURA SUNTOUR and more from time to time....


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tidying up the cave 🤦 here's beautiful stuff laying aroud unused in my place. more to come, i'll update this.

i'm happy to parcel worldwide at cost (shipping not included).

always interested in swaps – looking for a silver syncros Ø27,2mm | 330mm seat post (got the same in non-matching Ø27,0mm :| ) and a dark mavic m281 36° rim to match mine and a black 170mm xt crank arm (fc-m730).


shimano xtr hb-m910 hubbed front wheel laced to rigida dp22 rim (runs smooth and true, will polish up great) 65€


shimano xt fc-m739 cranks 175mm 70€


shimano xt st-m737 8speed canti sti 75€


roox danny stem silver indestructible 120mm 35€


suntour xce front mech bp Ø28,6mm 15€


suntour xc front mech bp Ø28,6mm 15€


zoom lightweight cockpit – flatbar (163g) + barends (149g) in glossy black 35€


girvin rockring bashguard including longer original bolts (bcd 11mm | covers min. 46teeth) 20€


minoura dura cage lightweight bottle cage blue 20€


minoura dura cage lightweight bottle cage silver 20€


avocet saddle 1991 (glue needed underneath) 30€


sachs 8speed grip shifter (guess they were nos, laying around for to long to be secure – vgc anyhow) 35€


specialized bottle cage pair quite lightweight 30€ sold
white industries crank arms 94mm bcd 100€ sold
1993 avocet r1 saddle with khs branding in newish condition 60€ sold
shimano xtr fd-m953 rare Ø28,6mm tp vgc 60€ sold
gt brahma bar bullbar in top condition with lasered logos (says 560mm width, that should be c-c) 30€ sold
cnc cranks 175mm and i really don't know who made them. threads and everything in vgc, compact bcd (94mm) 80€ sold
shimano st-m008 xt shifter vgc (similar to sl-m739 and sl-m740 just put in a more feminin housing) only left front mech side 16€ sold
early and rare heylight rear hub in vgc 36° | 275g light (with steel freehub body, can be changed to ti) – 80€ sold
avid sd 2.0 brake levers in vgc (continous adjustable brake point) 40€ sold
rock shox quadra in vgc, steerer is 197mm and 1 1/8" (barely ridden, very shiny, just stored forever) 75€ sold
newish canti brakes with onza or paul like adjustability – no clue which brand. guessing onza copies 50€ sold
vetta trishock saddle 40€ sold
kore 3d lite litebar cockpit | silver uncut 560mm flatbar | 120mm stem 60€ sold
marzocchi z2 1996 in vgc, steerer is 205mm and 1" (but easy to replace) 130€ sold
light uncut silver gt flatbar in vgc 40€ sold
sram 8speed xray shifter (with one cracked rubber part, else vgc) 40€ sold
kore litebar uncut 35€ sold
xt sl-m732 thumbies 45€ sold
nib (!) hope stem 90mm 120€ -decided to keep
american classic | mavic sup 217 ceramic | snowflake twisted ritchey spokes 770g light front wheel (needs new bearings which are included) 120€ sold
shimano xtr fd-m952 Ø34,9mm tp vgc 55€ sold
stx rx cranks 175mm chromica titanium like color 40€ not sold, but presented to a friend
coda (cannondale own parts brand) performance cockpit | uncut 580mm flatbar | 105mm stem | coda barends 45€ sold
coda 502 |175mm cnc cranks from a brick of alloy – whole lot contains good rings and one damaged left arm which i had to cut of to save the frame – all you see as bundle (i'm also in unfluid contact with a guy who has such a single left arm) 130€ sold
shimano st-m092 brifters 7speed 45€ sold
shimano xtr st-m951 (one non original adjuster) plus rd-m951 set 100€ sold
shimamo xt br-m733 brake levers 30€ sold
mavic 121 ceramic rim pair 36° double eylets, some wear to the brake surface 100€ sold
nos nib pair of michelin taiga skinwall tires 70€ sold
1997 marzocchi z2 bomber with 213mm steerer 1 1/8", quite scratched but iconic120€ sold
ringlé h2o black ano with original L-part (which i once gave away for anodizing, so all black now) 75€ sold
rock shox judy xc with 197mm steerer in champagne color 90€ sold
dia compe ss5 brake levers with coda print pewter anodized 50€ sold
xtr rd-m910 rear mech 70€ sold
coda performance flatbar 580mm uncut including barends 30€ sold
alpinestars stem 130mm | 1 1/4" | for Ø28,6mm bars like shown above 30€ sold
xtr fd-m901 front mech Ø34,9mm toppull 40€ sold
shimano xt pd-m735 pedals 30€ sold
chris king ahead cap (from a no logo version) 1 1/8" 17€ sold
shimano xt 1" head set hp-m740 35€ sold
kore stem 1995 vgc 130mm 35€ sold
shimano xtr fd-m901 front mech tp Ø31,8mm 50€ sold
alpinestars megalite flatbar with laserlogos (attention center diameter is Ø28,6mm!) uncut 61cm long 30€ sold
nos 3dv anodized speed-tec hub 32° just 83,5g light 60€ sold
rock shox mag21 with 198mm 1 1/8" steerer, needs a service 50€ sold
shimano xt 1 1/8" head set hp-m741 40€ sold
magura hs22 with newish pads and all the required small parts 80€ sold
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