Rc 200 pre build q's


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I’ve pretty much got the exact frame as you. It would have had a Royce Ti BB and a good chance an original Pace A-head stem when new. The Royce BB’s aren’t cheap

definitely suit the Middleburns and wheel wise 231 cd’s were pretty much the rim of choice. Original Pace hubs are an option but getting rarer. Brakes more than likely would have been hydraulic rim brakes either Hydrostop’s or early Racelines

Hi daveyla ,
Thankyou the f1 is the one I posted on the pace group, came to me after following the link you posted for it cheers 👍
It's just been stripped down ,
For now it's just getting built up to ride tbh with parts more suitable than some of the low end stuff it came with.
There was a few nice bits that were on it , a mavic front mech , pace front hub and 231 rims .
I cleaned up the chainrings and it had 3 nice pace rings , a ringle zooka quill stem which I'll move on .I've been in touch with Mr C and I'm going for a danson stem/ steerer which is very exciting .
I've already got the middleburn chainset and sub 130s and an old pair of racelines so the shopping list initially will be
Pace 32h rear hub 🤣🤣
A pair of rc35k
Rear mech and shifters which I still need to decide on .
X lite cam qr seat skewer

No theme for the initial build apart from a rider in survivor / condition for now . With British parts where possible .

Then at a later date I'll strip it down and get a majority of the components refinished .

I'm looking forward seeing your black f1 build 👍
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I think it’s going to be fantastic when finished and you should think about starting a thread as it evolves. Great that you bought it as are your plans for it moving forwards