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Welcome all to RBotM July 2023 - Open Month

Well after an early summer break the RBotM is back, this month it is an open month so all welcome!
So take a couple of snaps of your latest favourite ride, or summer build and post it up with a couple of sentences description and a link to a readers rides or build page where people can learn more. Let everyone see what you have been up to lately.

Usual rules apply, one entry per member, brief description, two photos only with entries open until the end of the month with the winner then decided by a five day poll.
Get snapping.


Here's one I made earlier just to kick it off
Untitled by Jamie Dyer, on Flickr
Can I enter pictures that include my very modern Spa titanium tourer😳🤫
Now that is a hard one. I believe it would be up to the members to agree to allow it though it may not be eligible to be included in the poll. Hard to say how retro it is without seeing the setup ;)
So maybe add it and see what people think? If there is outrage then it can always be pulled.
Others thoughts are welcome, tentatively run it? or don't open the can of worms to start with?
Polite discussion is welcome non polite will be deleted.

Last year I’ve found this Serotta Atlanta in incredible condition, almost complete Campagnolo Record 1998, 9speed groupset, Campagnolo Electron clincher wheels.
I’ve added the Record crankset, it was missing when I bought it, 3T Ergopower bars & titanium stem, titanium Selcof seatpost, San Marco Regal Evo saddle.


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