Raleigh Road Ace - Touch Up Paint


Dirt Disciple
One for the owners of the mid eighties Raleigh Road Ace...

I'm going to get some Polar Blue (looks like pearlescent white) and Blaze Blue (the solid mid blue) paint mixed by the local paint specialist using their fancy scanning machine. The colours will be as close as possible for something that is ~30 years old.

I'll have some packs of 2 x 15ml touch up bottles spare. I'll sell these on for £14 posted UK mainland which is what they'll cost me in materials (my time on this is a gift :)).

If anyone here wants a pack, message me and I'll put you on the list. I offer no guarantee on match beyond paint will be specially mixed to match my '86 Road Ace and will be as close as possible. If that's not good enough, please don't get involved.



Retro Newbie

Hello there. Long shot this but have you got any of that touch up paint left? I'd be very interested if you have. Cheers