Raleigh Randonneur / 21" / Reynolds 708


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Hey KatyCycles,

Very interested in this for a friend if it's still available?
I can't seem to private message you either, for some reason -
Will look into it, many thanks.


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Hi there, can't work out if this is still available or not! Do let me know as it looks like a cracking ride and would be interested if still aavailable.


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Re: Re:

Yes, it is still available. I"m sorry, the forum doesn't seem to be sending me notifications and the reply facility isn't very clear - I hope you get this. I'll go and check my profile! Thanks, Katy


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Many thanks for the update,

I still can't seem to message you in private (moderators?) so please feel free to get in touch if the bike is still available via my email address -

benww364 (at) aol.com

Many thanks.


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To all new members, you need to have a certain number of posts to be able to use the PM reply option. I believe it is around 30, this might seem a lot but it is to do with the volume of spam being sent. You can send an email or set up an email option in your profile.
If you post on a thread or follow that thread then you will be automatically notified when there has been a reply.
Hope maybe that explains a bit, now on with the sale of this lovely Raleigh :)