Raleigh Peak?


Retro Guru
It's a great old Raleigh, must get a new back wheel built up soon with the correct Exage hub.
Seems like the red/yellow coloured ones appear more.
An almost immaculate blue one came up in the eBay links on here a few weeks ago.


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Mine was stolen at around six months old.
From what I remember it was a good bike.
I saw one that had £180 bid on it, didn't think they made that much money.


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colour is wrong for a peak I used to own one BITD they nice little bikes (colour is similar)

PEAK also came with Deore LX and titanium painted handlebars


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Really sorry to hear yours got nicked. I didn't think they fetched that much either, mine set me back £35 but I've had to put so much right.
Quite liking the Halo White Line rim I bought for the front laced up to a NOS Exage hub, the original Araya rims were battered.