Raleigh Montage

Mick D

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Just thought i would share pics of a bike i have been working on for a workmate.
Raleigh Montage Year unknown but all original Suntour XCT groupset.


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nice :cool: :cool: :cool:

makes me want to digout my massif and hit the trails with it :cool: i love the old raleighs :LOL:
It's a 1990, I had one until recently that the frame had not been brazed at all at the BB. 1990 saw the montage change from a minty colour to a more deep blue. XCT was also new for 1990 replacing Accushift 3040 and was a lot more plastic and steel than the previous 3040, less pretty but funtionally very good.

Enjoyed the test ride before it went back the owner, He is now enjoying.
The owner also has a ladies version in the same flavour which i have got to overhaul.