Raleigh bomber klunkeresque


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Just as they had cashed in on the BMX scene with their "Burner" range 12 months earlier, the bomber was more likely a take on (cash in) the emerging 26inch wheeled cruiser class racers in the US. All the big BMX names had them, Redline, Torker, SE Racing etc. I guess with the Bomber, Raleigh was going for mass-market appeal and bringing to the market "what they knew" and set up to produce ie: Sturmey archer hubs and lugged frames.

The Raleigh Bomber has more in common to the early 26 cruiser below than any of the early MTB clunkers.

Agree 100%......its not a mountain bike, its a cruiser/tracker/scrambler/woods hack....fun on bumps, lumps and dykes (!!).

But at least it introduced a few people to the idea of 26" knobby tyres prior to MTB being widely available here (UK)

TI Sturmey Archer had a a Lawwill Pro Cruiser as ref in 1980.......Raleigh weren't interested initially aparently....but Bomber came out in 1981 so......