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Back in the early 90's, I lived in the Sutton, Surrey area. I remember it being a sunny Saturday in Sutton, and I was looking for a new bike.
Being a fan of Raleigh bikes as a child, over the years, I've owned different models, eg. a Chopper, Grifter, Commando, Stow-Away and an Arena, I wanted to see what Raleigh had to offer.

With a limited budget, I decided to visit our then, local bike shop, Pearsons of Sutton.
The upstairs sales floor, had on display, a new Raleigh Amazon. The black, green, blue, gold speckled paint finish, drew my attention, like a cat to a set of car keys.
The only slight problem was, the Amazon had a 21" frame.

The guy behind the counter, whose name was Guy, made a comment to me, that the frame was the perfect size for my inside leg (30"). Of course, I trusted his judgement and purchased it there and then, not considering, perhaps he needed it gone today.

Riding the Amazon home, it felt really comfortable to me. To my aesthetic eye, the paint finish popped, but to my design eye, the bike always looked awkward compared to the smaller framed bikes of the day.
Of course, I learned to live with it, but I still preferred the look of the smaller, tighter framed machines.

Many years later, and fighting a mid-life crisis, I was trawling through the internet auction sites, when I came across a post for a Raleigh Amazon with a 19" frame. What really grabbed my attention was the description that said: 'LIKE NEW'
With happy memories of my 21 inch, taking part in the London to Brighton charity bike ride and everywhere else, I had to have an Amazon in my life again.

Cambridgeshire is not exactly on the doorstep of the Surrey Hills, but who cares, life can be too short and plus, I had become fixated. A couple of hours later, and with a Cheshire Cat grin, there it was, exactly as the seller had said, 'LIKE NEW.'


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Wow, that brings back memories: a Raleigh Amazon was my very first mountain bike too..! Heavy as f*ck, full Shimano 100GS, but had great fun with it, together with my, much better equipped, friends. Even upgraded it with 3DV qr's and a Joe Murray Propulsion rear tyre :D.

Traded it in for a GT Avalanche AL in 1994, in 16" because I also fancied the looks of small-sized frames, that I enjoyed even more and rode until it was nicked.

To keep a long story short: even though I'd love to see what a completely upgraded Amazon would look like, I'd keep it original!

Enjoy :cool:

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Nice look back to early days!
Keep as is, for me. Ive often found that low end bikes are heavy and not hi tech.
However, that just seems to work, smooth riding and shifting. Adding alloy this/that/other seems to bring imbalances. With not much weight loss to be had as the frame doesnt lend itself to that weight loss scheme either.
You will of course bump heads with someone who wants to 'restore' back to factory. Enjoy that privileged position.

Should you want another bike (more technically advanced) theres bags of them on here and ebay..etc...


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Brings back great memories. One of the places you could buy a bike where I lived was the electrical/hardware shop. They had a small bike section and the Raleigh Amazon topped the range they stocked, at least they did the Christmas I got my Raleigh Marauder. These things always stick in your mind don’t they - to me the Maruader was the bottom of the range and the Amazon at the top with gears under the handlebars! I knew nothing of the Dyna-Tech range back then such was my sheltered existence. Exotica was Marin and GT in the shop in the next town.

I vote keep it as is. My teenage self would wonder how you could get anything better than 100gs anyway!


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As a kid in the 1980s I spent many happy hours drooling over bikes in Pearsons cycles. Upstairs, downstairs and in the bit they added out the back at some point (although that might have been in the 90s?).


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As a kid in the 1980s I spent many happy hours drooling over bikes in Pearsons cycles. Upstairs, downstairs and in the bit they added out the back at some point (although that might have been in the 90s?).
Hi Averagebiker. People have been drooling over the bikes in Pearsons, since the 1860's. It is the world's oldest bike store.
It's a shame, they have relocated to a new store in East Sheen, south west London. Balfe's Bikes have taken over Pearsons original location, in Sutton High Street.