Raleigh 753 - all by SBDU?


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bikemeister2000":rg833jya said:
Yes, I remember Colin Hyde.
When we set up the Lightweight Division, all of our assemblers had a card with their picture on it. They were given a frame, fork, pair of wheels, a sub-assembled handlebar and a box with the rest of the components in. They then built the bike into a ready-to-ride condition.

Colin not only assembled the bikes, he also worked on brazed frames, and later on welded titantium frames.

Anyone got other assemblers cards out there?

Let's see who has either Clive Hodgson or Brenda Heard.

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Off the top of my head, and not having seen it for a few years, I’m sure I’ve got a Clive Hodgson card that came with my Raleigh Travelogue Reynolds 708.