Question for the Orange gurus


Dave Yates Fan
Just trying to date my Clockwork frame - not like *that*… I love my bikes but not that much…

I think this is an 89 or 90 from the geometry and am trying to work it out from the frame number… it seems to be in similar format (A609 A***) to @Cheshire1980 ‘s 1989 collection so I’m thinking 89 too…

Any thoughts though?

I was going to sell it as part of my “nothing but fillet brazing” rule but I can’t do it so keeping it and will probably restore it for its 35th birthday 🤣


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Dave Yates Fan
Thanks for that.

Super-excited by this now (even if the fork is actually a Chas Roberts!)

I'm tempted to go Mountain LX just because I've not seen many of them but maybe it deserves better