Question for "older" guys.


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I'm sure this has been gone over before a million times but I am wondering a bit more about injuries to those of us who are no longer made of rubber and magic.

So I'm turning 27 and wanting to get back into bmx. I did it a little as a kid and only know how to bunny hop barely onto a curb so I'm pretty much starting from scratch. My goal is not to get sponsored or do big tricks, I just want to have some fun on the street, throw some 180s, some bars and maybe one day learn a tail whip. Big jumps and flips are definitely not for me. In the years of riding mountain bikes and dirt bikes, big jumps were always really scary to me and never enjoyed them. However, as I've grown a bit and watched my peers grow, I've started really valuing my body's health and there is a part of me that's saying "you're pushing 30, you're gonna get seriously hurt doing this kid shit". I'm not so much worried about scrapes and bruises but joint damage that doesn't go away and brain trauma are my biggest concerns. Obviously I don't want to live in a bubble and understand that shit happens but I seem to weigh the risk a lot more now (Quit riding motorcycles on the street because people can't drive).

So to any of you guys or gals that started out later, how do you handle the injuries? Or anyone who is more casual about bmx, do you find yourself staying pretty healthy if you just know your limits and stick to "simpler" tricks?

Thanks for any input. Like I said, I'm just trying to have some fun, not impress anyone. Between getting myself through school and working full time, I just want to have something I can do to "get away". Maybe it's time I let go of my youth, give into my age and get into power walking? routerlogin 192.168.l.l


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I am now 47, only ride bmx very infrequently now, but when I do, I ride exactly the same as I always have, and have no worries about injuries at all.
I also intend to ride more bmx this year and maybe do some racing again.

I do stretch regularly, and have a regular sports massage, COVID-permitting obviously, which I have done for several years now, since starting to race time trials and Mtb again. I find it a big help in stopping any little niggles becoming injuries.
I always warm up before I ride, and only stretch after my rides, not before, as cold muscles don’t like to be stretched.

I would start riding, take it easy and see what happens.
Best of luck.


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Yup wrong side of 40 and still having fun when I can get to leeds urban park, played at rockciry skate park a few years ago but dropping from a 40ftvery walls scares the shit out of me now haha. Tbh I'm more worried about riding my mtb through the woods at speed than hitting dirt jumps now