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I'm with Chris plenty of chemicals and then maybe a very light bead blast if you think it needs it.

The only ones I've done recently that were even remotely close to as pitted as yours were my Woodrup and my Claud Butler Buccaneer and both of those were chemical treatments only that didn't really need bead blasting.

The main tubes on both of mine came up surprisingly well but certainly on the Claud the pitting was worst around the tops of the rear stays and well the rear of it in general.
On dealing with the pits after cleaning I ended up using very fine finishing putty which was more like modelling putty as most filler is just too coarse to fill those small pits, the other option I thought of trying was seam sealer but I don't think that would work. Both took a lot of time filling, flatting, filling, priming, more filling and more flatting before I was happy enough to put a coat of primer on that I was happy to put paint on top of.


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Thanks, yes I did look for bead blasting etc, but could only find sand or vapour locally. I am sure there are poepl close to me that do do it, but not found hem yet. Bit reluctant to sand blast it so will continue getting the rest rest of the paint off with emery cloth, then try the chemicals again.


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Could be getting a bit ahead of myself here, but forked out for a Brooks saddle for the eventual re-build. Don't really need it yet, but the B17 Special looked nice even if not totally original; it weighs a tonne!. Never had one before so will be nice to see what they are like. Also got some Allez pedals and will use some nice alloy Wolber 27" rims from another bike purchase, might use the tyres too as they look ok.

Still working of the last of the rust, the frame is soaking in paper towel with Evapo-rust while I work on other projects.


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i swear by bilt hamber products. their deox gel is exactly for what you are trying to achieve. i used it on my project two kona forks which were were in a worse state than your frame. once i got rid of the rust the pitting was addressed with high build primer. turned out great and still looking good 2 years later. pics start about halfway down page 4 here ....

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Interesting, i'll bear that in mind. I am getting somewhere with the forks now. Given them another brush with Evaporust and now back wrapped up in soaked paper towels. Think Ill do the same with frame next. IMAG7842.jpgIMAG7843.jpgIMAG7844.jpg