Principia Rex E Full Shimano Utegra 6500 Open pro*sold*


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Reluctantly selling my Principia Rex as still can't justify n+1 bikes at the moment.

These frames are lightweight and strong, developed to compete with carbon offerings of the time. The bike is stiff and responsive but I've still managed to spend 3+ hours in the saddle in comfort.

Usual scuffs and the odd paint chip for a bike of this age.

Currently in it's winter guise with 25mm all condition tyres.

New cables and chain fitted.

Weighing in at around 9kg.

Full pecs as follows:

Frame: Principia Rex e 55cm
Fork: Isaac carbon
Wheels: Mavic Open Pro rim on Ultegra 6500 hubs (buttery)
Crankset: FRM CU2 evolution
Saddle: Fizik Aliante
Brakes: Ultegra 6500
Shifters:Ultegra 6500
Rear mech:Ultegra 6500
Front mech:Ultegra 6500
Tyres: Specializad All Condition Armadillo

No pedals included

Looking for £550 for the complete bike

If there's a lack of interest I will consider breaking


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Nice looking bike.

Prinnie made fantastic frames - I love my RSL.
If I ever find a cycloscross one, I'll be adding it to my stable.

Good luck with the sale - surprised it's not gone yet.


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Re: Principia Rex E Full Shimano Utegra 6500 Mavic Open pro FRM

Very nice, Principias are so classy. Love the P on the rear dropouts.



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Re: Principia Rex E Full Shimano Utegra 6500 Mavic Open pro FRM

Hi cflock where abouts are you please? Also what's the top tube centre to centre thanks Jon


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Sorry John but bike's been sold! Am regretting it.

Have a Linda McCartney Principia rex frame I'm gonna do up soon through