Post 31/12/1999 Music that doesn't suck!


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FSOL mark II aka NMESH - his back catalogue is quiet something but Dream Sequins is the one I come back to.

Speaking of FSOL, they tweaked "We Are Explosive" for RSD 2021 and it's sounding sweeeeeeeet. Here's a "new" track from the LP:



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They have done a few great covers.
Scott Bradlee is extremely talented, as are the musicians he works with. Have you seen his cover of Burn? It features a flaming saxophone. Apart from the fact that I think they did a good job of covering it, it's also quite entertaining to watch. Scott starts grinning when the flames begin, while the bassist has almost all his weight on his left foot, as he attempts to lean as far away from the flames as possible. And towards the end, the singer in the middle swivels her eyes to an extreme angle to try and see what's going on behind her. However, my favourite cover is probably the one they did of the Spice Girls - Wannabe.