Please help identify a frame


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Hi vintage bike lovers!

I’ve got a Reynolds 531 frame that is supposed to be the one from Peugeot bikes (approximately mid 70’s), but it has a very weird 7 digits serial number 8025870 and it’s engraved under the bottom bracket, not on an aluminum plate.

I will really appreciate your help if you tell me what the frame it is? And the model of bike it’s belonged

Thank you in advance!


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Well the bottom bracket looks like a late 70`s Peugeot and it is finished in their pearl silver which was Peugeots stock colour for the higher end bikes . Show us a picture of the full bike otherwise an accurate identification is near impossible !


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In February there was a PS10 on ebay. Serial number 8025875, stamped identically to yours.

The first digit 8 is for 1978 year of frame manufacture, 02 for month February.