Wanted Plastic seat stay bracket loop for Smart rear light


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Its the little loop piece that most people throw away! I'm looking to install my light on a seat stay as I'm using a saddlebag. I have one on another bike which is stamped - CL- ø18. Cateye one's are not compatible.

got a pic of one, not sure what it is you're after but I have loads of old light bits n bobs
Hi Tony,
The piece I'm after can be seen in the foreground of this image. Also in the image are the generations of Smart light which I know came with these brackets, there will no doubt be others. I must have flung lots of these out over the years thinking I'd never use them. :rolleyes:


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I'll have a rummage, I did send a whole bubdle of bits to a school last year as part of their bike fixing day but I wouldn't have thought I'd have included something like that and I've kept a few old lights.
Will get back to you if I find owt!

Edit: Checked but nothing suitable,
Could a P clip be used on the stay and then attach the light to that?
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Hi Tony, thanks for having a look. I managed to cobble something together using a Cateye bracket, it should do the job. A P-clip would probably work too. Cheers.