Peugeot teamline grisley 1992


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Thanks for the pic. I've just finished the manitou so I'll be putting more time into the teamline now. Just need logic BB levers and seat collar and skewers.oh and the proper flite alpes saddle.they are mavics are they not?
I'm really struggling to find the seat collar and skewers


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Brake levers should be easy to find there are plenty floating around I have a spare set here somewhere and yeah skewers arent that easy to find.
Miche skewers you may just be able to see in the picture on back wheel black 3 hole version with red miche txt.

And yup Mavic X717s on M739s I have the Ritchey vantage rims to complete the build just need to find some M73x hubs and get them built


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@BrushedAluminium Beautiful! My first real MTB in 1992. Slightly off by one year, the Mag 21 on the front (a '94 model, it seems). In the Grisley theme, the bike was only available with a Mag 20. It won't be until 1993 with the TL1000 theme and the introduction to market of the Mag 21. About the rims, they originally were 36-hole Ritchey Vantage Comp. And also the saddle: a very hard to find Selle Italia Flite (not Transalp) in grey color.


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Correct on all points Mag 21 are later with aluminium adjuster caps and originaly came with a gold brace and yep its an original unlikely the 93 version with T1000 plastered on the down tube. thanks for the heads up on 36 spokes I will have to check the vantage rims I have came from this Teamline so should be perfect match. and yep correct original saddle was grey I remember it well and to date have seen another since.