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I just picked this up 15 minutes down the road from me for a bargain of £30 quid.
These are the sellers pictures and the gentleman told me they had it from new for his wife who hardly ever used it.
Has been stood in a garage for years, cables gone rusty and a few bolts etc. paint is like new.
It has a Tange frameset and a full Shimano LX M550 Groupset that under the years of dust and oxidisation is also like new.
Original tyres and the headset is a 1 1/4". Araya RX-7 Rims with no wear.
I've already removed the prop stand and changed the ladies saddle and plan on a strip and regrease and new cables all-round.
Will post an update as and when.
oh, i think it is a 1990 Mountain expert, the `91 model is the same colour but has elevated stays.


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It's a 1990.5. Pacific did a mid year update changing the paintwork on the whole range but keeping the frame configuration, before going full estay for 91 and keeping the paint schemes from the update.

The Alpinestars Cromega was based on this model.
Sure they did an e-stay version of this (edit..didn’t read @Markybeau ‘s comment. 😎)

In fact they did ..and I owned one ..and gave it away. Memory not what it was 🤣
Great looking retro paintwork, also good to see another 1 1/4 forked bike from that era, get plenty of grease on the stem and cone and bolt in there and on the seat post to prevent them getting stuck in the future. Fantastic purchase.
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