Sold Pace 1" threaded steerer tube x 2


Dirt Disciple
I have 2 Pace 1" threaded steerer tube.

1 - 188mm in length with 50mm of thread
2 - 195mm in length with 55mm of thread

£20 each delivered.
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Dirt Disciple
Unfortunatly i'm not grown up enough to post or respond to PM's yet, as I have not made 30 posts.. ;)

But, there are both steel, and both will fit RC35's etc. I dont know what frame they came off - the shorter one was fitted to a set of RC35's when I first bought them, and then I got the longer one.

There both for sale as I now have gone 1" threadlees.


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Retrobike Rider
I think I just sent an email. Will check back later. Probably want the best longer one but either may work. Thanks


Dirt Disciple
sorry, just realised its me been a numpty.... for some reason i used a different email address on this account...