Oranges C16R ... sort of original ... ie not factory


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My handle comes from the large number of P7s and C16Rs which I had during the early 2000s. I have moved on to other sorts of steel and more modern pipework. One bike I thought I would never stop riding has actually been ridden only once in the last year - an earlyish silver 15 inch C16R - and it feels wrong to let it hang out at the back of the barn. I can't remember the serial number and I will check it, and get some photos done. It is 'sort of' original since right at the outset it had Judys fitted (gold XCs with speedsprings) and a control tech stem to match the threadless steerer. Oh...and a sunset Mavic front wheel with Hope ti hub since the factory managed to supply it with a FIR rim where the weld always had a flat spot on it....grrr

And of course...what the hell is it worth now?

Totally original groupset - those lovely LX V brake levers, STX elsewhere, STX underbar shifters - which are lovely things with XTR notes. FIR rear, Sunset front. Original Angry Orange saddle. And original clear F&R Crudcatchers. Time warp special really, with some restro work possible to go back to factory spec - forks, stem and that's it.

This bike covered thousands of miles on the South Downs. Chain maintenance up to spec means that the cassette and rings are pretty much perfect yet have done many many miles. The chalk on the SD is more of a lubricant when dry or wet than something which wears things away. I know that seems weird but it's true. It was my go-to bike - even beyond FS exotica, for years, but the COTICS have taken its place, really. I do like my slack bikes.....