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Ren Rawbor

Fat Chance Fan
As per title, I couldn't find a feedback thread for @al-onestare (and in searching, noted he was gracious enough to start one for another member he'd bought from previously) so, here we are...

Purchased from his Black Friday sale thread a set of Z1 BAM forks for parts, M952 XTR mech sans-cage & availed myself of an unknown-make karmic, steel DH stem while I was about it.

Parcel arrived within 24hrs of being posted, packed up very nicely and parts look better in person than described. Can't fault the pricing either Black Friday or not.

Thanks, Dan
Why on earth couldn't I find that then lol... I did search too! Will post in correct thread now :oops:

If a moderator or admin could please delete this thread, that'd be less embarrassing too!