Onza Porcupine

I remember biketech bottom of Park st, Bristol (rip😪) selling black folding porcs for £5 each.

I was astonished at how little grip they offered on almost surface.
I took them off pronto and sold them on.
We know now a crisp, sharp, straight edge gives grip.
Not a smooth round dimple 😂

Light, good looking, a lovely sound on tarmac and a pretty print on the ground, but otherwise useless. No wonder they got sold off for a fiver - but they would've made a sound investment because at current prices they have outperformed the housing market.

Although you can't live in a boxed onza, unless you're a spider or a ladybird.
I think they worked reasonably well in the dry being developed for the dry and dusty west coast trails - but then so does nearly every tyre. Five pounds though…

Wasn’t there a thread discussing a group that was going to reproduce some of the classic 26” tyres?