Sold Nice little mini groupset


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A nice little mini groupset I have for sale here


8 speed deore lx mech In very nice condition.

8 speed deore lx shifters

Stx front mech 31.8 bottom pull, nice condition

Deore lx parallax hub VGC hyperglide. I don’t remember hole count, I think it’s 32

Deore lx cassette in pretty good condition.

Avid v brake levers

Avid single digit 5 v brakes, no mounting bolts or pads included

Some pedals

I can include a set of wheels if you want, they’re nothing special, but they work. You can have them included as long as you pay extra postage.

Providing all the lx stuff is in pretty nice Condition, let’s say £55 posted? + maybe a few quid for wheel postage if you want them. Let me know if I’m a bit off

I keep forgetting to take pictures so you’ll have to bear with me until tomorrow🤦‍♂️

Thanks for looking🙏
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Here are pics of the main parts of the mini group, the pedals mentioned are just generic plastic ones and forgot to take pics of those. Couldn’t find the avids at the moment

7E50C495-24D8-44B2-B889-B35E3624EEFE.jpeg DB588A2A-75C9-48C1-B8DC-0C86C2281E6A.jpeg 2F4630CF-3C65-4256-8BA7-0277607B0B39.jpeg
44D530CE-1548-465F-A115-7330A6A5CE4E.jpeg B20AEE98-3AA0-45FB-B2A0-12915F1E6B6C.jpeg