Wanted Nice but not too expensive 14” frame


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If your after something cheap I have a Merlin, no not that Merlin, aluminium frame in that sort of size. The lacquer has gone in numerous places so needs stripping and repolishing really but you can have it for £20 plus post. If it's of interest pm me and I can get some pics tomorrow for you.


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Thanks. Was really looking for something that didn’t need respraying and also a bit bigger than the Spesh.

The hunt goes on.... 😁


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I have a Kona Fire Mountain 14" BB to top of seat tube.
I was going to list it on here when I got around to it.
It has a set of RockShox Darts, stem, bars seat clamp and post all original.
Not sure of the year, but its black and white, a bit tatty but no damage.