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Hi Everyone,

I picked up a vintage frame on the local Facebook marketplace. I have built it up and rode it a few times.

Of course, now I am in love with it, and before I spend $$$ I want to know what I have.

It is labeled a "Steve Bauer" but it also has a decal from Tony Beeks (a local painter) on it. It has a Vortex Equipe decal on it. Fork is a Tange, and the frame is likely Tange as well.

But there is no serial number, and no indication that it ever had one. It may have been a custom build early in Steve's bike retail gig, or it might have been "relabeled" during a later respray.

In any event, I love how it rides. Can someone tell me more about it?

(and don't judge me on how filthy everything is)

Here are the photos:

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