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steampowered said:
It is evident that building a true replica is getting harder now that parts are no longer made. I have a 25th anniversary Stumpjumper but I built it up with original period components, Specialized had gone with modern parts which seemed a bit odd.

So technically it's not a 25th anniversary's 'Trigger's Broom'
Have you keep hold of the original parts ?...I love the early Stumpy's and would love to see a photo .


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This thread is in danger now of either being locked or the 30 odd pages consisting of a huge amount of, to put politely, piss taking and derision, being edited back down to what will probably end up being 10. Photos posts not related can be self edited or will be deleted.
After dealing with complaints throughout the week of where this thread has gone on tone and actual posts, being so far off of any actual constructive comments that others are complaining or reporting it. It was given the benefit of the doubt last week but the posts since then just show that it is done.



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I'm exhausted after all this posting. I seem to have gone from newbie (Though first registered in 2006) to dirt disciple today. Not sure whether to crawl back under my stone for another six years.

There's a lot of interesting discussion about replicas to be had.

I have bought a 1989 Raleigh LU 531c directly as a result of seeing the 40th anniversary replica. I realise it has more of the quality and detail of the original SBDU bikes.

I have originalshinkicker and his site to thank for appreciating all the small details which I'd never really noticed. I felt I had to stick up for him. This really is an example of shooting the messenger.

I hope I haven't stirred too much.


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steampowered":z6v2237z said:
. I realise it has more of the quality and detail of the original SBDU bikes.
A bit off topic, but still relevant I think, I reckon the sbdu frames never really had "that quality". Sure they were pricey, custom made, in the same factory that churned out the pro bikes and had GOD presiding over the whole affair, but in my racing days, I distinctly remember more than guy repeatedly sending their frames back to ilkeston for repairs cos one tube or another had cracked/snapped unexpectedly. I only knew this cos they'd be racing on stripped down winter bikes. One was a decent club standard 1st cat who meticulously looked after his kit, so it wasn't down to neglect or winter salt. On the positive side, ilkeston repaired free of charge and they got a new paint job


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"I reckon the sbdu frames never really had "that quality""

I don't think that's off topic, it's adding some real extra information. I wonder if the failure was down to the fragility of the tube or too much heat when brazing. I could open up another can of worms if I was to liken 753 to carbon fibre in that it might only be suitable for short term heavy professional use where it is almost disposable.


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allenh":1gpbadmt said:
I did do a ladies one a while ago for our lass to use and this is the only picture I have of it sadly because that really did have sloping top tubes and I had to be very inventive to make the decals fit.

OK, OK, OK.....while there is a risk this thread goes utterly pear shaped, locked, and is the end of reasonably good humored banter, I have to say, Allenh you did a great job with that Mixte. Looks the business; if I was a teen girl delivering penny papers on a Sunday and had the hots for Joop I would have been all over that.

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Over a quarter of the posts on this thread are one member defending this enterprise against all comers. The majority, if not almost all of the other contributors range from disappointed nostalgics to prospective buyers to actual purchasers. All of whom have equally valid if not overwhelming opinions.

I’m bored with this now. Everything has been said, other than why the defender continues to blindly ignore or value the views of others. I smell a rat, or at least an undeclared interest.
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