New project - Azonic DS-2


Retro Guru
Picked this up locally yesterday, I was offered it as a decent price due to the front Hope ti-glide hub has a few cracks (as they often do...).
I jumped at the chance mostly because of the spec of the bike - it has a pair of mint Girvin cross link elite forks, red DX brakes/levers, x-lite seatpost amongst other things.
It’s a 16.5” frame, I think for this type of bike that’s really a medium, which fits me ok. I plan to rebuild it with some Marzocchi Bombers and go single speed (it has horizontal rear dropouts), should be a fun little bike to hit the local trails and pump tracks..
I asked the guy as I was leaving if he had any other bikes or parts for sale and was offered (and snatched up) a full suspension stumpjumper expert from 2009.. see my next post..


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