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A new cave

kingbling":2y13gt0s said:
Thanks guys it's been worth it landlady's words were "I'm terribly impressed Clive what a brilliant job you've done" which was nice as her initial reaction to me doing it was " I'm putting a lot of trust in you Clive" BTW my landlady is great.

Not so great now hey ho I guess she didn't have much choice to evict us really as her now ex partner wanted our house. Still I miss my old shed especially after all that work. The new place has a garage but it's quite full and not somewhere I can weld in :facepalm:

We have a shed but that has already been filled with lawn mowers and garden tools and it's not very big 8ft X 6ft. The missus has a little summer house she uses as a potting shed and no bike paraphernalia is allowed in there :roll:
So the only other option is to move all the bike related stuff...

Time for a new shed
So new landlord got me a 50% discount on a 20ft X 10ft shed it wasn't the best quality to say the least, but it would of cost a lot more to build it myself. I had to move 2 compost bins with the space that freed up I could then move the little shed from the corner of the garden that the new shed has been built. I have insulated it with some multi layer foil bubble insulation from Aldi and lined it out floor and walls with 18mm chipboard this has made the shed a lot sturdier and less draughty too. A friend has given me a whole kitchens worth of cabinets and these will make the base for a long work top that runs the length of the shed. I'm currently in the middle of running electrics in there at present and hopefully they will be finished by tomorrow evening.


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Well it is nice to get the place in order by Christmas tidy-ish shed, bike shed sorted and the joy of finding the small parts that you knew you had but didn't know where :facepalm: and happiness at not having boxes of mixed parts.
Workshop bliss !!

Any how have a very merry Christmas and a wonderful New year

All the best



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The History Man

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A veritable grotto of delights. Merry Christmas to you and yours too. Nipping out for a few bottles in a min. Then we’re done.

Relax. Enjoy. X


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Merry Christmas Clive..... cave looking fantastic bud :xmas-cool: